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1412b34-1413a3) Sllccessful similes also, as has been said above, are in a sense metaphors, since they always involve two relations like the proportional metaphor. Thus: a shield, we say, is the "drinking-bowl of Ares", and a: bow is the "chordless lyre". This way of putting a metaphor is not" simple", as it would be if we called the bow a lyre or the shield a drinking-bowl. " Reciprocity is explained in an earlier remark on proportional metaphor at the end of chapter 4, about which comment was postponed at the time.

1 VEt,as XopOWV, 7T'avoJ1-at, T'Y)S Et,KOVOS Kat, OV 'fJ'Y)J1-t, TOVTOVS /\EYEt,V. ~~ ~, (s3 Ib4-7) but-not to draw out the comparison48 with strokes of the plectrum and the musician' s complaints of too responsive and too reluctant strings-I drop the figure, and tell you that I do not mean these people. Here ElKWV refers to the torture imagery that has been applied to the approach of the "worthies" to harmony, and Socrates refuses to continue the strained and unattractive figure. 49 There is one passage from a later dialogue, the Politicus, in which ELKdJV refers in part to simile.

At 1414bn, it is said to be fLEpOS TL TWV TrlaT€WV (" apart of the arguments"), recalling the indusion of TrapaßoA-r] in Rhet. 20 as part of the Ko/,vaL TrlaT€/,S. 18 Kroll 1058 emphasizes that Aristotle had already written a ll€p'i PT)TOP/,KfjS (On Rhetoric) ca. 362 and that therefore his rhet:orical views developed over a long space of time. 20 Its construction from notes results in difficulties of pression and arrangement; moreover, the lecture n6tes seem in part to have been compiled after Aristotle' s death, and contradictions result.

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