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In antiferromagnets, such as Cr and Mn, the atomic moments align antiparaUel below the ordering temperature (called the N6el temperature) and there is no net moment and thus no observable magnetization. AntiparaUel ordering of atomic moments in a compound such a s T b F e 2 produces aferrimagnetic state in which the Tb moments are oriented in the opposite direction to the Fe moments but, having different magnitudes, still give a net moment leading to a macroscopic magnetization. ] Other properties which depend on the magnetization, such as the magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction described later, decrease with temperature as a function of the magnetization and also go to zero at Tc.

In the simplest possible picture, the degree of extension and overlap of electron orbitals, which tends to make the moments in a solid less than in free atoms, also determines how much the moments on neighboring atoms "see" each other and interact. 3. 025 31 2~ 2 = - 1 3 6 - 66 -29 27. 95 Melting t e m p e r a t u r e (~ 1857 1244 1535 1495 1453 1083 210 210 120 3 50 140 35 500 220 Elastic moduli (GPa) E G Yield s t r e n g t h (MPa) 240 250 Tensile s t r e n g t h (MPa) 500 400 a Antiferromagnet-N6el temperature.

The magnetoelastic coupling between the magnetization direction and the elastic strain, is assumed to be isotropic in the x - y plane. 3) 1The allowed energy terms of a crystal must be invariant under all the symmetry operations of the crystal, and these terms may be worked out using group theory For example, the proper expression for the magnetostriction for a particular symmetry can be determined by taking the direct product of the basis functions of the same irreducible representation, one function in the strain space and the other in the space of the magnetization.

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