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In Phto and Platonism Pater described the principle that lies behind his description of Leonardo's lady: The thoughts of Plato, like the language he has to use . . are covered with the traces of previous labour and have had their earlier proprietors. If at times we become aware in reading him of certain anticipations of modern knowledge, we are also quite obviously among the relics of an older, a poetic or half-visionary world. 15 36 CHAPTER 1 For Pater, every object in the present, anything we experience in the present, is structured as a palimpsest—the dialogues of Plato,La Gioconda, or even the words we use to describe them.

To uncover that knowledge, the interpreter must penetrate that surface—and such an effort demands the investment of the interpreter's own experience into his work. The "poems including history" written out of these presuppositions about the nature of historical knowledge 28 INTRODUCTION consequently tend to take the form of a "palimpsest" rather than a chronological schema: The Cantos and The Waste Land display a present that is woven from the past in a complex tissue of allusions, a past that exists only as it lives in the texture of the present.

6 Like most of Pater's disciples, we still tend to associate him with the fragile solipsism of the "Conclusion" to The Renaissance rather than the copious retraction and reformulation of that doctrine that he undertook in Marius the Epicurean (1885) and Plato and Phtonism (1893). Part of the reason for the dominance of the early Pater is that his most famous disciples, Arthur Symons, George Moore, and (in some moods) Oscar Wilde, trumpeted the solipsistic doctrine of the "Conclusion" long after Pater devoted himself to other concerns.

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