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By Lorinda B.R. Goodwin

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This publication employs ancient archaeological facts to exhibit how well mannered rituals reproduced the social and fabric global of trade in colonial Massachusetts. the writer situates artifacts in the social contexts descibed in modern letters and diaries and depicted in literature and paintings and demonstrates how the recent English retailers chosen and tailored modern British manners to create a brand new American type of well mannered habit.

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The body and its functions provided infinite topics for discussion. “You should not scratch yourself at table, nor spit; or, if spit you must, do it in a seemly way. ” Washing was not to be done in public except before going to History, Archaeology, and the Ideal World of Manners 21 table “so that he who dips with you into the same platter may know that for certain” (della Casa 1869: 69, 70). Della Casa described not only personal behavior but also how behavior in company must be regulated. You must not smell at the wine-cup or the platter ofany one, not even at your own; nor hand the wine which you have tasted to another, unless your very intimate friend....

Capitalism expanded ways of getting wealth for many and provided the goods to display that wealth; Braudel remarked on the coincidence of capitalist wealth and table manners to organize table luxury (1981: 203–207). As wealthy artisans and merchants now materially resembled the landed elite in England, manners became increasingly important to distinguish old rank from new riches. Towns grew with capitalism, increased concentrations of wealth in specific areas, and spread new ideas and goods to the countryside.

Lu Ann De Cunzo (1995a), and Paul Shackel (1993), historical research on merchants by David Hancock (1995), and the research on manners and material culture by Richard Bushman (1993) have all contributed to my thinking and the directions of this book. I have used the presence of material culture carefully, trying to make connections when supported by primary sources that state preference, action, or intent. Rather than focusing on the more personal expressions of meaning of artifacts, I have addressed the most public expressions of polite behavior and issues of group identity.

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