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By D. W. Phillipson David W. Phillipson

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David Phillipson offers an illustrated account of African prehistory, from the origins of humanity via eu colonization during this revised and increased variation of his unique paintings. Phillipson considers Egypt and North Africa of their African context, comprehensively reviewing the archaeology of West, East, significant and Southern Africa. His publication demonstrates the relevance of archaeological learn to realizing modern Africa and stresses the continent's contribution to the cultural historical past of humankind.

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On the other hand, it has had two particular effects which give rise to concern. Because it has not been accompanied by a corresponding revision of terminology relating to earlier representatives of the genus Homo, it has imposed a conceptual barrier between modern people and their ancestors. Secondly, and arising from this barrier, it has strengthened the view that modern people may also be distinguished on cultural and behavioural grounds, leading (as will be argued in chapter 4) to unjusti´Čüed emphasis on certain aspects of the archaeological record and to a tendency to underestimate the cultural achievements of earlier hominids.

Far more often, however, the transition will have been more gradual, sometimes extending through hundreds of generations or over great 18 afric an archaeolog y distances. The past, notably but not exclusively the human past, has seen a multi-dimensional reticulation of variation and change which in some circumstances and at some times has been more marked and/or more rapid than otherwise. There seem to have been, and continue to be, situations of virtual stasis and others of pronounced change -- cultural and/or biological.

Turkana Senga L. Victoria Olduvai Laetoli L. Tanganyika Uraha L. Malawi R. Zambezi Makapansgat Sterkfontein Oran Taung g e R. R. Kromdraai Swartkrans al Va Rift Valley 0 0 1000 km 500 miles Fig. 11: The principal sites at which Australopithecus and Homo habilis fossils and/or well-dated Oldowan artefacts have been discovered of thirteen early hominids, including four juveniles, were found together. The most informative discovery, however, is a 40 per cent complete skeleton of a female, popularly known as Lucy.

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