Advanced Electric Circuits by A. M. P. Brookes and P. Hammond (Auth.) PDF

By A. M. P. Brookes and P. Hammond (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080116108

ISBN-13: 9780080116105

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Power factor = cos^ - ro»C2 = 0-0314 Some bridges involve self and mutual inductance as shown in the next example of a frequency-measuring bridge. d. applied to terminals A and B. AO 30mHc w s >30mH > 20 XI 10 mH 1 Detector 200 a J ±c BO T F I G . 6 The ideal capacitance C is fixed at 2 /xF and the mutual inductance M between the coils is variable from 0 to 20 mH. Determine the relation between M and the frequency for zero current in the detector and calculate the lowest frequency that can be measured with the bridge.

Across the 8000 Cl load, and the possible phase angles with respect to the excitation. 1000 c o s w t / ^ \ Volts v-' | H 3 2H § I 0 H °t *3 FIG. 5 Ans: ± 1600 cos (o^ +143°) volts 34 ADVANCED ELECTRIC CIRCUITS 0+j8 0+j2 T o BO L § M 3 2L + -OD (a) AO- -OC -OC BO- -OD (b) FIG. 6 6. Find the impedances Zi,Z 2 ,Z 3 , which make Fig. 6(b) equivalent to Fig. 6(a) given that M = y/(2)L. Arts: Zi = J^J. ±4j; Z 2 = ±4j; Z 3 = ±4j CHAPTER 3 Bridge Networks A N ELECTRICAL bridge network is an assembly of electrical components connected in such a way as to facilitate the measurement of some desired quantity or the comparison of two quantities.

4(c) would have the opposite effect. On the other hand, if Ro is low and R high, the correct circuit is shown in Fig. 5(a). The version shown in Fig. 5(b) would attenuate high frequencies, while low frequencies would be attenuated by the circuit of Fig. 5(c). The criterion for choice of value of R and Ro must be whether R or Ro is high or low in comparison with values that are given to Zi and Z%. 56 (a) ADVANCED ELECTRIC CIRCUITS Y jtll: s RoS I '——'

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