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Curves marked by ‘a’ respect to the disturbed conditions, and by ‘b’ is quiet conditions. 95) that the Alfv´en velocity cA is determined by the cold plasma density and the magnitude of the magnetic field. The left frame of Fig. 1 shows the distributions of cold plasma and cA in the equatorial plane of the magnetosphere versus the radial distance L = r/RE . Line 2a refers to cA (L) for a disturbed and 2b for a quiet magnetosphere. Corresponding distributions of cold plasma densities are lines 1a and 1b, respectively.

In the atmosphere and lower D-layer, the collision frequencies are so high 1, βi 1. e. βe the conductivity becomes isotropic. In the lower D-layer, neglecting the ion conductivity, we get σ ≈ σ⊥ ≈ σ0 = 2 ωpe and σH ≈ 0. 99) In the D- and lower E-layers, at the altitudes between ≈80 and ≈100 km, 1 and βi 1 but βe βi < 1. Here both electrons are strongly magnetized βe the Pedersen σP and Hall σH conductivities are determined by electrons and reduce to σP = σP e ≈ σ0 /βe 2 , σH = σHe ≈ σ0 /βe This is an important special case of the different sensitivity of σP and σH to the magnetic field.

93) and the Hall conductivity σH = c . 94) Omitting the terms ∼me /mi and ∼(me /mi )1/2 , we obtain for the Alfv´en velocity modified by the ion collisions cA and the collisionless Alfv´en velocity cA : cA ≈ cA (1 + βi2 ) , βi (βi2 − 1)1/2 cA = B0 . 80) is omitted. g. [5]), that νin /νen ∼ (me /mi )1/2 . Then Xe me = Xi mi νe2 + ω 2 νi2 + ω 2 1/2 me mi 1/2 1. 96), may be written as σ = 2 ωpe . 97) is σ −1 = σ0−1 − iω 4π , 2 ωpe σ0 = 2 ωpe . 97) for specific magnetospheric regions and obtain the equations for an estimate of the corresponding electrodynamic plasma parameters.

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