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By Charles P. Bourne

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Each box of background has a easy desire for a close chronology of what occurred: who did what while. within the absence of this sort of source, fanciful money owed flourish. This publication offers a wealthy narrative of the early improvement of on-line details retrieval structures and providers, from 1963 to 1976--a interval vital to a person who makes use of a seek engine, on-line catalog, or huge database. Drawing on own event, broad study, and interviews with the various key members, the ebook describes the members, tasks, and associations of the interval. It additionally corrects many universal blunders and misconceptions and offers milestones for lots of of the numerous advancements in on-line platforms and know-how.

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SURF and MADAM never went online as intended, but we mention them here because they were part of the SDC creative working environment that led to the online systems described in this chapter as well as in chapter 6. Wallace also worked on other SDC projects such as their relevance assessment studies, the Annual Review of Information Sciences and Technology, and the IBM 360 version of BOLD. SATIRE In 1960, in the SACCS (Strategic Air Command Control System) Department at SDC in Paramus, New Jersey, John Roach developed and implemented a punched card system for use with an in-house technical library (Roach 1961).

TEXTIR could not perform simultaneous searches, and output was restricted to a single dedicated Teletype terminal. However, searches were made remotely from LAPD terminals, as well as locally at SDC in Santa Monica. A single query was limited to a maximum of six questions of six English words each. Searchers were asked to enter synonyms, although the retrieval program (FIND) did include a capability (adapted from the Synthex offline index-building program) to store a table of common abbreviations and synonyms to be included automatically into the search formulation.

This workstation was developed, with ARPA support, primarily for other experimental studies by Engelbart that would use the Q-32 at SDC. The Q-32 had 65,000 48-bit words of core storage, a half million words of drum storage, and eighteen magnetic tape transports; it was considered to be a large high-speed computer with an extensive amount of core and auxiliary memory. However, its total “fast access” storage capacity was far less than would be considered adequate in today’s personal computers. The Q-32 resources were available to SRI at limited intervals on a time-shared basis.

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