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When a comment is too long to be contained on one line, it can be separated into two or more line comments, with each comment preceded by two slashes (//). For example, the following comment generates a C++ error message because the second line doesn’t start with the // symbols: //ƒthisƒcommentƒisƒinvalidƒbecauseƒit ƒƒƒextendsƒoverƒtwoƒlines This comment is correct, written as follows: //ƒthisƒcommentƒisƒusedƒtoƒillustrateƒa //ƒcommentƒthatƒextendsƒacrossƒtwoƒlines Comments extending across two or more lines are, however, more conveniently written as block comments than as multiple-line comments.

11 The structure of a main() function The keyword before the function name defines the type of value the function returns when it has finished operating. 1), for example, means the function returns an integer value. Similarly, empty parentheses following the function name indicate that no data is transmitted to the function when it runs. ) The braces, { and }, determine the beginning and end of the function body and enclose the statements making up the function. You’ll be naming and writing many of your own C++ functions.

What character do you think is used to alter the way a single backslash character is interpreted? b. Using your answer to Exercise 3a, write the escape sequence for printing a backslash. 4. (For thought) a. A token of a computer language is any sequence of one or more characters that has a unique meaning to the compiler. Separating characters with intervening characters or white space results in a compiler error. 1 are tokens of the C++ language. b. Discuss whether adding white space to a message alters the message and whether messages can be considered tokens of C++.

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