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In this much-anticipated textbook, 3 revered biblical students have written a background of historical Israel that takes the biblical textual content heavily as an old record. whereas additionally contemplating nonbiblical assets and paying attention to what disciplines like archaeology, anthropology, and sociology recommend in regards to the earlier, the authors accomplish that in the context and paradigm of the outdated testomony canon, that's held because the fundamental record for reconstructing Israel's heritage. partially One, the authors set the quantity in context and assessment prior and present scholarly debate approximately studying Israel's heritage, negating arguments opposed to utilizing the Bible because the significant resource. partially , they search to retell the historical past itself with a watch to the entire elements explored partially One.

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41 If proof or even an increase in likelihood is sought from the archaeological data, then this conclusion is indeed true. We are left, then, with relatively late traditions that cannot be corroborated; some people even conclude that the datings of the Pentateuchal material known as JE produced by scholars like Wellhausen are now indefensible. The later the tradition as a whole is placed and the more it is questioned whether we can really get behind it to earlier material-and this claim is often questioned in the current climate, where interest in the artistry of Hebrew narratives as whole compositions is intense-the less plausibly one can take the tradition seriously as reflecting historical actuality.

44 This kind of critique has been thin on the ground in the history of the history of Israel since the nineteenth century, because of the broad agreement among Old Testament scholars about how the discipline should proceed methodologically. "46 The Moses/Joshua Traditions If we abandon the patriarchal era as our starting point, where next should the attempt be made to lay foundations? The biblical narratives concerning the eras of Moses and Joshua are just as problematic with regard to external verification as those concerning the patriarchal era; 47 and unless one is prepared to argue along with Ewald that the biblical tradition is rooted in written sources that reach back to the Mosaic era, one is unlikely (on the presuppositions generally shared by the scholarship under discussion here) to think that that tradition has a great deal to tell us about those periods in any case.

This situation generally obtained throughout the succeeding period until the late eighteenth century-a period during which history was not in any case widely regarded as a source of reliable truth. The idea that a "scientific method" could discover such truth in history had not yet arisen. History was the story of the merely contingent and particular-a view that Aristotle himself enunciated and which a great variety of thinkers throughout the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries also held. The Jesuits who produced the Ratio Studiorum (1559), for example, assigned no significant role in their curriculum to history (in contrast to logic and dialectic, which were regarded as approaches to truth).

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