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As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been a superb publication for that target. i might definately reccomend.

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You stultified me at that meeting! subvert (sub· vurt) v. 1. to overthrow. 2. to ruin, destroy completely. 3. to undermine. She quietly subverted his authority by sharing internal information with outside agents. truncate ( trun ·kayt) v. to shorten or terminate by (or as if by) cutting the top or end off. The glitch in the software program truncated the lines of a very important document I was typing. upbraid (up· brayd) v. to reprove, reproach sharply, condemn; admonish. The child was upbraided for misbehaving during the ceremony.

119. A reprieve is a postponement or cancellation of punishment, especially of the death sentence. It can also mean temporary relief from danger or discomfort. 120. A miscreant is a villain, criminal, or evil person. 49 7 To Be or Not To Be Have you ever been offended by a boor or charmed by someone with a very genteel nature? The 20 words in this chapter describe many different kinds of people—some you might like to have as family and friends, and many you would not. You can find the answers to each question in this section at the end of the chapter.

1. wickedness. 2. a corrupt or depraved act. Such turpitude deserves the most severe punishment. venal ( vee·na˘l) adj. easily bribed or corrupted; unprincipled. The venal judge was removed and disbarred. 45 501 Vocabulary Questions Match the action described in Column A with the name of the crime or criminal nature in Column B. Column A Column B 101. lying under oath 102. conspiring to rig a local abscond 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. election a politician using public funds to buy gifts for his or her family telling a white lie committing armed robbery after serving time for auto theft a defendant trying to leave the state before his or her case goes to trial: attempting to ________ frequently accepting bribes while in office: a ________ public official taking something that belongs to someone else swindling a rich divorcee: ________(ing) an innocent woman executing the entire population of a village during a civil war bilk collusion enormity malfeasance peccadillo perjury purloin recidivism venal 46 501 Vocabulary Questions Using the words from the list below, choose the best word to complete each of the following sentences.

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