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Department of Commerce, Boulder Laboratories, Boulder, CO Copyright © 1999 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. htm December 27, 1999 Abstract | Full Text: HTML PDF (201K) Abstract The sections in this article are Modeling Ferrite Tiles Measurements of Material Properties Reflectivity Measurements Conclusion | | | Copyright © 1999-2008 All Rights Reserved. 2008 23:54:24 ELECTROMAGNETIC FERRITE TILE ABSORBER 429 ELECTROMAGNETIC FERRITE TILE ABSORBER Anechoic chambers have been used for over forty years to simulate different operating environments for a wide range of frequencies (1–3).

Primary windings A, B, and C produce flux densities of equal magnitude 120◦ out of phase with each other such that at any instant in time where φa , φb , φc are the instantaneous fluxes in limbs A, B, C. is the peak flux and ω = 2πf. An ideal flux distribution can be obtained in a simplified form by putting ωt equal to angles from 0◦ to 180◦ and calculating the corresponding instantaneous values of φa , φb , and φc . 866 flows around limbs B and C via the top and bottom yoke. The practical transformer will be made up of many layers of laminations as shown in Fig.

The flux and loss can be measured directly in experimental model cores using arrays of suitable sensors or they can be predicted theoretically based on numerical solution of Maxwell’s equations usually using finite element software. Experimental methods of measuring flux and loss distributions in magnetic cores are tedious and time consuming. Flux distribution is determined from localized measurements made on single laminations in a core. Orthogonal search coils are threaded through small holes drilled in laminations such that the induced voltages in the coils can be used to determine the instantaneous magnitude and direction of flux at a position in the plane of a laminations.

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