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E / The baseball pitcher put kinetic energy into the ball, so he did work on it. To do the greatest possible amount of work, he applied the greatest possible force over the greatest possible distance. We have also been using examples in which the force is in the same direction as the motion, and the force is constant. ) To summarize, we have: rule for calculating work (simplest version) The work done by a force can be calculated as W = Fd , if the force is constant and in the same direction as the motion.

Its nuclear potential energy is being converted into heat, a form of kinetic energy. Pellets of this type are used as power supplies on some space probes. 3 All Energy is Potential or Kinetic 43 Summary Selected Vocabulary potential energy the energy having to do with the distance between to objects that interact via a noncontact force Notation PE . . . . . potential energy Other Terminology and Notation U or V . . . symbols used for potential energy in the scientific literature and in most advanced textbooks Summary Historically, the energy concept was only invented to include a few phenomena, but it was later generalized more and more to apply to new situations, for example nuclear reactions.

An important and straightforward example is the calculation of the work done by a spring that obeys Hooke’s law, F ≈ −k (x − xo ) . The minus sign is because this is the force being exerted by the spring, not the force that would have to act on the spring to keep it at this position. That is, if the position of the cart in figure n is to the right of equilibrium, the spring pulls back to the left, and vice-versa. We calculate the work done when the spring is initially at equilibrium and then decelerates the car as the car moves to the right.

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