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By Chogyam Trungpa

This can be the transcript of talks given via Rinpoche on the first Seminary, a twelve-week education interval of in depth learn and meditation held at Jackson gap, Wyoming.

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Yid is like jawa to occupy your mind or to mind something. Q: It's purely the ability to pay attention? R: Yeah, minding. Q: That's the basis of mindfulness then? R· Yeah, you use yid. Q: Which is citta, which is duality. Yeah. R: Yeah. Then there's yid of course at different levels when you get to Tantra, like the body, speech, and mind. At those levels, it seems to be different, but in the levels of consciousness, yid is definitely lower, much lower. Can there be an experiencer of the unconscious or is that automatically excluded by definition?

Yid is usually more intelligent than sem. Semis the equivalent of citta in sanskrit, the central focus. Yid is the faculty which is capable of holding contents. And the term yid la zhak means able to rest in mind, whatever the subject matter may be. 0: Rinpoche, if you were to take ordinary visualization -- not visualization in the sense of meditation -- just picture something, s orne object, say an orange, something that had color, and you also had the real thing beside you which you could look at with your eyes -- the type of seeing that is going on when you picture an orax;ge, the color 26 and shape, how does that relate to the type of seeing when you are looking at the physical object, in terms of the eight types of consciousness?

Q: R: I think it should be more than that. It's much more subtle than that. That sounds still like nyom yid, the seventh one. Q: What would the eighth be like? R: The eighth would be just the general sense of being in contact with 34 what's happening, and without reference point as it actually is said in the books, and a sense of clarity and a spark of some kind -- of being alive rather than anything else. There's some kind of sparkiness of, in other words, reassuring oneself that one is alive; one's mental facilities are still working.

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